Chairman's Message

To be able to perform duties for this prestigious school is an honor. Thank you to everyone who supports us and continues to help us make this school better. We would like to work with the parents as a parent and help make this school better to bring a brighter future for the students. And as a member of the Managing Committee I would like to continue to work together seamlessly.

We would like to continue to implement the changes made by CBSE and move forward from there. Let's include innovative ways of learning for a more scholastic development of our children. We would be there to support the staff in a way rightly possible by the Committee.

Let's utilise this time to improve the way we address the issues plaguing us and work on it. We would like to take a new approach at how we make the decisions that concern the welfare of the students, the staff and the school. We would like to continue to facilitate CBSE and MOE by working at the ground level.

Lastly I would like to thank everyone for the continued support and I hope to work towards the overall betterment by looking at the bigger picture.

Let's continue to work together. Thank you for everything. Stay safe and stay healthy.